Limited Timed Event during beta?

For all the people saying this is a beta, 343i decided to release Halo MP with a cash shop, currency, and a battle pass, and now a timed event with cash shop items.

This is a full on release of some of the most money grubbiest practices in a long time.


Are you still playing the game?

Same could be asked of you, since you seem to be on the forums an awful lot to deride anyone with criticism of the game.

Let people voice their concerns. Just because you find little to no flaws with the game does not mean that everyone else’s opinions aren’t valid.

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343 said themselves in their blog this is the full multiplayer release.

Anyone claiming it isn’t is accusing 343 of lying.

343 does seem to lie a lot don’t they?

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They really have to be one of the most poorly managed AAAs. COD players have it good compared to this.

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