Limited Time Req Pack Available for 80000 gone?

Did anyone happen to see that req pack bundle that was available for like an hour for 80000 points?

It almost seemed like it was coming from a player. The name was <B???PROPS>, something like that. It had a cool helmet and some type of emblem for its design.

Its not in the store anymore, but was that some type of bug or something. So, does anyone know what that was??

It may be another HCS Pack that they’re gonna do. We’ve already seen a HCS Protector varient.


it was an accident that it was release on their part. It will be out for good soon though for the HWC. count on it being similar to the first HWC pack they had.

Did anyone open it?

I saw it and after a match it was gone I too was confused

Welp, I’m gonna go save my REQs…But I don’t know if I’ll buy it or not. all those REQ points for just a few HCS things that I may not use…I’d rather grind to 200k and start buying gold packs (Finally finished silver)

I’ll have to try and get ONE HCS item at least. So I can say I got something rare.

I’ll have to start saving up REQ points now.

It was definitely there I started grinding warzone for it but POOF! it’s gone, nothing on the web about it…maybe it was a mirage LBC

I hope it gets released soon! Need something to work on.

80000 by the weekend. Challenge accepted

Can’t we simply buy the pack?

sure but it’s more fun to buy with req points

It will be out soon hopefully…

I hope so I’m grinding away now, so I can buy it with req points 40k saved up, once I hit 80k ill start buying golds again

Bad Display Props?

I wonder if we have the option to buy it like the last pack, I prefer to buy it with in game points but not everyone has the time to save up before the end of the weekend.

hopefully it drops soon