limited edtion map packs

i bought the limited editon of the game and on the back it says i get the map pack for free.
but how do i download the pack??
if i go in the in game store it says that i have to pay.

Not sure if serious.

it’s in the red package paper thingy, or whatever you like to call it, but I’ll just go with red package paper thingy.

don’t like it? Adapt.

There is a code on one of the cards. You redeem it like any other code (follow the directions on the card if you haven’t done this before). The map packs aren’t out yet, but when they arrive you will automatically receive them.

It’s the same code as the Specializations and armor skin; the Infinity Actual pack.

I love how they bother to log in here post… probably read some threads, instead of just reading the papers that came with the game

If you have put in the code that came with the game, then you don’t need to do anything else at this stage.
Once the map packs are released, then you will be able to download them free of charge at that time.

If you go ahead and buy the War Games Map Pass now…you are a tool.