Limited Edition War Games Map Pass Access


I bought the Limited Edition of Halo 4, and the War Games Map Pass was a big reason I upped to the Limited Edition. I have put in all my codes, but it still shows the pass as not purchased in the marketplace.

Am I missing something?

the pass your seeing on the store is the non LE version, if you read the card (who reads these days? no offence) it is part of a LE pack called the Actual Pack, that comes with the in-game DLC (armor, AR skin and specialisations) and the map pass

^^^ This. its a non marketplace item :slight_smile:

well, I have the LE version of halo 4 and i entered all the codes but i didn’t get the 9 multiplayer maps that it says should be included so could someone help me??

You didn’t get it because the maps haven’t been released yet. The first map pack will be released the 10th, therefore you will get the first three maps.

thank you for that :slight_smile: