Limited Edition specializations not unlocking

I entered my code for the for the map pack and everything unlocked but my early access to all specializations, only wetwork and operator are showing up for me. has anyone else had this problem? any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve had them disappear the second time I’ve turned on the game. Quit the game, restarted and it was all there. No problems since.
good luck

Don’t feel bad, I have none that have shown up for me. Code entered correctly too. Got the AR and other skins but no specializations.

Servers are unstable atm, think its hard for them to track stuff… I randomly have or dont have the specializations on each start up (required to get the game to show multilayer servers online again) =/

Restarted game everything showed up. thanks for the help

i have nothing unlocked. and what do you guys mean by restarting the game? dash boarding and loading the game again? if thats the case then that hasnt worked for me :confused:

so yeah i need help

yeah mine never showed up either after I entered the code.

do you have to play a few games for them to unlock? i have not played one yet and they are all still locked.

None were unlocked for me AT ALL

I’m with you lot, my codes were entered correctly and 2 specializations show up, but they are locked. The other 6 aren’t there.

same with me, zero have unlocked so far. ive heard installing the game fixes this, while i dont see how it would im attempting it anyway.

I installed the game after entering the codes correctly and still only have the Spartan-IV default unlocked. Whatever means are being used to determine people who have the proper codes and unlocking specializations seems to happen randomly.

same here. tried redownloading the ‘infinity’ DLC in my download history, but no joy. that one code was for the Specializations, skins, emblem and map pack.

It’s all there (of course not the map pack though, being not out) but the specializations are all locked in-game.

I spent some time on a call-back from one of the XBL support team and a case has been raised, going by the forums here sounds like it’s a common problem.

Shame that the launch has been marred by these glitches. Even the official Xbox website (and this one) have been running like rubbish since the Halo 4 launch.

The wording where i pre-ordered it was;

  • Specialisations – Receive early access to six Specialisations, available at launch on Xbox LIVE, to achieve higher ranks in your Spartan career. Purchasers of the Halo 4 Limited Edition will get access on launch day, while others will have to wait as Specialisations are released over time.

Yet in-game, all the extra specialisations are locked. Apparantly, you cannot access them until you hit Level 50 - even though it was advertised you’d get access to them at launch.

I guess there was a mis-communication there between the 343 Team, Microsoft and their marketing departments around the globe…

I’m in the same boat too. especially since i saw them all unlocked for a day, got reset or glitched back to SR1 then when it was fixed , they all disappeared.

So i hope they have some record to show that i should have it

same here. got the limited edition and no specializations on day 1. whats up with this?

I didnt get any either just got emblem, skin, map pack didnt come out yet so no one gets that yet anyway. Map Pass is like what we got. It is a “pre order”. Specializations on launch day was a failure sorry 343 but that let me down!

Same here, some unlocked but others did not.

same here, none of them onlocked

Ive had nothing unlock for me either? :frowning: