Limited Edition Problems List... wasted money

The purchase of Limited Edition has given me nothing special, except for a fancy box.

The armor/specializations was unlocked on my brother’s account, even though I paid for it. The terms of use stated that ALL profiles on the console are able to use what is downloaded from the code, which was a blatant lie, as I do not have access to these things.

I was promised the extended version of Forward Unto Dawn, but every time I try to play the movie on Waypoint, I get the error message “There was an error loading your article”.

The War Games map pack is yet to prove itself to be worthwhile, as I cannot find a predicted release date for this map pack.

Aside from Limited Edition problems, I have glitched my way around parts of the campaign, walking under a whole section of the map filled with covenant and prometheans completely accidentally.

There are game-breaking glitches in multiplayer, especially on Complex, if you know what I mean.

There is an easy method of throwing a grenade further and faster, so that it is more accurate and almost like a slower moving bullet.

Just check the forums. It is filled with people complaining about something.

My advice:

  1. fix the game breaking glitches.
  2. fix the lag.
  3. fix the ranking system.
  4. fix the Limited Edition bonuses. (this is high on the list because the population that bought the Limited Edition are currently the most pissed off)
  5. Tweak matchmaking playlists (there are maps that are great that I haven’t played yet, while there are mediocre maps that I have overplayed)
  6. Tweak overall gameplay to discourage camping (this is not Halo)
  7. Begin work on new maps.

The problem: Don’t make a girl a promise you can’t keep.

Bungie never made too many promises about their Limited/Legendary editions, and everyone was happy with what they got because they had delivered on what they actually promised.

I am too dissapointed dude. Don’t worry, I have learnt my lesson. Halo 5, I will first get a standard edition on load or play at a mates before buying it. If it sucks as bad as this or goes down the same line’ I simply won’t buy into them anymore.

I’m really ticked off. Mostly because I didn’t get what I paid for - the Forward Unto Dawn doesn’t even stream well and we didn’t get any of the special features that we were promised. Jeez, 343.

Makes me kinda happy I didn’t waste my money on LE

My LE extras all work fine. As do all my friends.

> My LE extras all work fine. As do all my friends.

Same here.

I like everything that it came with. I really have enjoyed the game and I consider it to be outstanding. However, ever since Black Ops 2’s release date, the servers have been herendous. I cannot play a lag-free game in War Games, Spartan Ops, and Campaign. I have chosen not to play Halo 4 for the past week because of this. I have already completed the Legendary campaign (solo/coop) and all of the Spartan Ops missions to this point. All of my friends and I experience the same lag. The only thing I beg of 343i is: FIX YOUR SERVERS, PLEASE!!!

they still lied to us about recruit being LE exclusive when it was announced. Also were is the bringing game into reality video we were promised?

i agree.

> they still lied to us about recruit being LE exclusive when it was announced.

Nope, you just misunderstood.
It was always “Armor: Recruit, Skin: Prime” which meant “Recruit Prime Skin”.

the original post said armor and armor skin.

my bad I was wrong. I just found the original post. put still left out the bringing gaming into reality.

I am disappointed in the LE as well. I was thinking I was gonna get an extra DVD for FUD so I could just take the disc anywhere, but noooo you have to stream it. So what exactly is the difference between LE and YouTube?

I was under the impression LE users would have first access to the Specializations, but noooo everyone in the world has access to it because no one would be stupid enough to buy Halo 4 weeks after its release.

I was thinking my local retailer did not have any special armor codes inside the box of the standard editions, but noooo now the people i know who bought the standard edition have codes to the GUNGNIR armor which I would really like to have. What do I get? The odd-looking Scanner helmet and the dome-type Strider helmet.

I would have liked special access to the map pass, but noooo the thing’s available in the marketplace in day one.

I’m not gonna purchase Halo 5 LE, but noooo because it might be nice this time around. (It should or else screw it.)

In other words, I was screwed in the -Yoink- when I bought the LE, but I’m fine with it. As long as it’s Halo 4.

> Just check the forums. It is filled with people complaining about something.

So is every official video game forum ever.

I bought the LE edition too. They really screwed us over.

I so regret getting the Limited Edition, all the written extras are really weak and hardly worth keeping. (Remember the Reach LE? That journal was BRILLIANT and don’t get me started on the Legendary Statue.)

A lame looking poster with one of the blandest looking sets of Spartan armour, the little leaflet/book thing, Forward Unto Dawn which I can only watch on XBL (Would it of killed you do give us it on DVD…?), A pretty cool skin that can only be used on STARTER set of armour which nobody uses, A weapon skin for the useless Assualt Rifle, Avatar costume of said Spartan Armour and lame prop and of course the “Early Access” (Emphasis on the quotation marks) to the Map Pack with a bonus of two ugly as hell helmets and the REAL kicker… “EARLY Access” or “Instant Access” as it was advertised as of all 8 Specializations.

I don’t know about you, but when I read that and the fact I’m paying EXTRA for this, I’d expect to get it straight away as soon as I enter the code.
They blatantly worded this to trick people into thinking they were getting more than they are getting to score more money out of us and not delivering.
I don’t care if you have to get to SR50 to get them, INSTANT/EARLY Access means I get them when I pay for them, whats the point of paying extra to have to work towards unlocking something…?

Give me my damn money back, 343/Microsoft.
And you can keep your rubbish steelbook case too.

Same problem for me about the extra content. Split the game 50/50 with my brother, he entered the DLC codes, now I have no access to them. This needs to be fixed.