Limited edition pre-order was missing a code

Now I’m not exactly sure if this is a viable discussion for the forums because I joined today. I pre-ordered the Limited Edition and I never got the code for the Artic skin for the BR or the secondary Hazop armor skin. I never noticed until now because I saw one of my buddies using the BR with the skin. I have the receipt to prove my purchase and I have all the other codes except for that one. It’s a bummer because the BR is one of my favorite weapons (I could honestly care less about the Hazop skin). Does anyone know if I could contact anyone to get a copy of the code (343 Industries for instance)?

You should contact the retailer you bought it from.

I got it from Game Stop, could they even do anything? and I’m also at fault for this but do you think it’s a little to late to go asking for a new code?

The BR code from Gamestop should be printed on the reciept you got when you picked up the game (Not necessarily the one where you payed for it).

As such, it might be there and you’re just missing it. Check your receipts.

I just double checked that one (I left it in the game case) and it wasn’t there. I guess I’ll call the store and ask.

You recieve the codes through E-Mail, it will not be in the game case as far as I know.

I recieved all my Gamestop Codes, 2 sets and about 8 codes each in E-Mail, so you should look there before assuming, also 343i is not responsible for the codes you got for pre-order bonuses from retailers.

If you didnt order the game before November 6th then you are not eligible to have the codes either way and would not have recieved them.

No, I’m afraid not and they’d be opening a can of worms if they ever did give codes out for such stories. I’m not saying you’re lying, but 343 know all too well that if they gave you the codes the forums/their inboxes would be flooded with kids trying it on and making up things in order to try and snag a free code.

You need to contact the retailer you bought it from. I hope they can sort it out and get you the codes you deserve.

Call the store, if the codes can still be generated then youre in luck.