Limited Edition Ideas

Hello Fellow Spartans!! I am keen to hear on what you think would make the perfect limited edition. The limited edition I want contains these few things:
-metal case
-concept art book
-BTS disk / halo TV show (Spielberg)
-in exclusive game digital content which doesn’t effect gameplay and makes you look like a badass in multiplayer. (Armour)
If we want to bring pre-order bonuses into this too then I would say something that doesn’t change the game much and is one thing available in all stores.

I liked Halsey’s little notebook and the stuff that was in the Reach Limited Edition. Something else along those lines would be great, something that we’re supposed to believe was plucked from the Halo universe and put right into our hands.

As long as it is not a super massive statue which I am never going to use I’m fine. I do agree on the idea of something taken from the universe if not an art book.