Limited Edition Halo 4 console NOT CONFIRMED

Hey, not sure if this is old but here is an image of a Halo 4 limited edition console what was spotted in the mall of america i think?

Heres the image :slight_smile:

I doubt it’s real, most likely fan made. Unless of course there has been a confirmation about a limited edition console which I haven’t heard, in which case I’m wrong.


Anyone who would believe that’s real is either stupid or blind.

Chances are it’s a prototype for an Xbox Skin. Remember those awful sticker things you could shove on your Xbox to blow them up faster?

There could be just stickers on it to advertise Halo 4. That appears to be in a Microsoft store so they’ll be trying to promote Halo 4 as much as they can.

Sure, it is cool. But, until it is confirmed. Everything is a rumor.

I Didnt look close at it, But i never said it was real so yeah.