Limited Edition Guardian Model

So, who here has actually tried/finished building it? Personally, I think that it SHOULD have been built and put into the edition instead of you needing to build it yourself.

I had forgotten about that haha. No. Maybe one day I will

I only got my a third done. It has been sitting in my drawer ever since.

It’s so damn small I dont have tools to make it with crushing it. I need engineer tentacles to put that thing together :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have that one but I believe it is just a metal earth model. I have done the Halo helmet and Transformers Optimus Prime and Megatron models. Used mainly tweezers not my specialty tools.

It’s currently sitting on my desk somewhat finished but quite a bit to go. I broke a few pieces while they were being difficult and some things won’t go in the damn hole. I used Solder, it’s not very effective. I look at it and cri every time.

Metal Earth should definitely have an option to sell them constructed.

I have assemble it. I would have like it to be a little bigger, but even though I broke some corner or side you can’t even notice. You just have to be careful. I mostly use my finger to bend the piece and only make a small use of the long nose. Just watch out for the last piece that join together the upper body and the column. I broke mine and was force to use hot glue for the final piece. Also, the step-by-step guide is sometimes really weird to figure out imo.

I haven’t even thought of attempting to build mine for fear of breaking it! I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to building/making things and if I screw up then it all gets trashed. :confused: and i reeeeeally dont wanna do that with this model

I’ve yet to build it but when my office is complete it shall be done. I thought it was cool to build it yourself. It reminds me when I used to build model cars.

Here is mine.

I made a metal world m4 sherman, was fun but difficult but it looks so cool. This guardian model looks fiddly, but ill give it a go at some point

im still thinking about putting mine together. i wish these things would come with a good guide on how to put them together.

Protip: Never bend a piece more than once. The premade creases are perforated, so they’ll break off pretty easily.

> 2533274809220485;11:
> Here is mine.

Nice, mines somewhere in the box still lol

Nope! I just don’t have the time to get it together. One day… one day.

nope only dream of it

I finished assembling it, it was fun, but had a hard time with some pieces… my finger’s size didn’t help

I have it built and it was quite a challenge. Probably took me 3-5 hours to get the whole thing together. Broke a few pieces but as people have said, it is not noticeable. Mine has a slight tilt to it at the connection point of the two major pieces but I made it work.

I’m not even going to try to attempt this, my ogre hands are not for precision