Limited Edition DLC - Game Vs Console

I like both of them. I like the emblem and the avatar prop for the Game version. But the console version I like the armor, weapon skin and avatar costume. So which one do you think looks better? The L.E. Game DLC or the L.E. Console DLC?


P.S. For those who haven’t seen it, here are the URLs for the images:

Limited Edition Game DLC:

Limited Edition Console DLC:

im geetting both soo…

Haters gonna Hate XD

I really like the Recruit Armor, it’s probably my favourite for now. (after Mark VI, if it’s in multiplayer (please let it be))

I’m definitely getting the limited edition of the game, but this Christmas if I have enough money left over, I REALLY want to get the console too!

LE, not only because I’m getting it already, but the skin looks really cool (I have to admit, the FOTUS one is pretty cool, but I’d get bored of it after awhile). The Cryo-Tube avatar prop is cool as well (and somewhat more interesting than the Crawler guy), the AR skin useless, because I almost never use the AR (I doubt I’d use the Light Rifle much, either, I’m a Carbine Boy at heart), and I’ll probably be getting the Mighty Ape Assasin Emblem off of Ebay, because, although the LE one is sorta cool, both of them don’t suit my style.

standard. i dont need fancry junk. i like it, but its not worth it

I’ll be getting both on release night.

Can’t wait!


I’m getting the limited edition, and I’ll probably find a way to procure myself a code for the FOTUS armor.

Well, someone’s gonna get rich from eBay.

Like both armours, prefer the cryo tube over the crawler, wouldn’t use either emblem and no preference on the weapon skin since I’m getting the BR arctic camo skin with my LE purchase and that’s the only skin I need :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly if I needed an Xbox I’d probably figure out a way to buy the console and the LE, but I don’t so I have no justification in buying both haha

Getting both but the console armor is cooler but the le has a lot of stuff I wish came with the console

LE version, Can’t afford the consule even though it looks awesome. I probably will be buying one of the controllers however. I like the wolf emblems, I always have. But the Recruit armor and armor skin i like better, But for the Fotus, It would be cool if for a melee you could ram people with the spike on your head. (and i know it’s supposed to be like a unicorn horn)

Considering the fact that I’m saving up for a PC that I can hopefully get by December. I can only afford the Limited Edition of the game. On top of that, I recently discovered to get Zombies on Black Ops 2, you need the 80$ hardened edition. I’m a little disappointed by the content that is hidden from those that are less fortunate. I have to get limited edition for Halo 4 and BO2 and still get a PC. I’m in no way saying I am ungrateful, I’m just displeased by the outrageous prices. That’s all.

> im geetting both soo…
> Haters gonna Hate XD

Same here man lol

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I really like the armor with the LE, which I’m getting. But I gotta say, that unicorn emblem blows the prime emblem out of the water. It looks so much better.

Oh well, I’m not one to tell people how to spend their money.

> > im geetting both soo…
> >
> > Haters gonna Hate XD
> Same here man lol

brofist to u sir