Limited Ed Halo 5 Xbox One announced soon surely?!

Just writing this to express my eagerness to get a look at a special edition Xbox One console for Halo 5!
I mean surely this is a real thing bound to happen! One of my mates all but got word of confirmation about it as well! He works with EB games and at a meeting/conference he was at a while back, he spoke to an Xbox Official at some meeting thing a while ago and brought it up; he just asked should we expect one anytime soon, and naturally the reply of “Well, we’d be pretty stupid not to” was given. Fair to say that got me even more keen!
Please just let me pre-order it! I can’t wait any longer! Gaaaaaah!!

Josh Holmes confirmed it was a real thing via Twitter a couple days ago, but didn’t give details. So it is a real thing, It really needs to come with a huge hard drive and ditch Kinect

EDIT: The tweet has since been deleted, but there are still articles on it all over. Here is one

collectors edition and console edition? pre ordered for sure

Depends on the hard drive space, if I want to “upgrade.”