Limited Collector's Edition Not In The UK?

So from the 2 sites you CAN pre-order the Limited Collector’s Editon…it doesnt let you if you’re in the UK. Microsoft’s store doesnt even have the item there if you’re in the UK! And Gamestop tells you that its only avalible in the USA. Why MS? Why is it not able here? And is there any place I CAN get it in the UK? Anyone help?

Sucks to suck. No but seriously, that’s lame. Maybe in a few months that issue will be fixed for you, idk.


Same in spain. I’m waiting to get the limited edition but i only see the normal one.Neither in the Microsoft shop nor in any of the profesional shops like GAME


In Germany you can preorder the Limited Edition… but I need die Limited Collectors’ Edition for my Halo collection.