Likes and Dislikes

What should be added, changed, or removed?

Changed? I’m not a huge fan of the Destiny style shaders. Would be nice to have standard types of color options like in previous installments. Other than that, so far I like it.

Really enjoying the movement and gunplay, map is designed really well. I think this game is going to be a banger.

It truly does feel like destiny with the AI added, but the animations are good. Not having the color customization like the previous halo games is a down side, and the new announcer doesn’t feel like a halo announcer. Spartan Palmer, Captain Laskey, and “The Voice of Halo” (Jeff Stiezer) made it feel like a super soldier with a mission to accomplish. With this new announcer, it doesn’t feel that serious. Hopefully at some point before the non insider version comes out, they would add a primary, and secondary announcer. The bots in the game was a very good idea, those bots are the best bots as far as feeling like an actual person, you can actually die if you just run and jump right in front of them. If you come up against 2-3 of them, your shield can drop quickly. They would be so nice to have in custom games you make so you don’t have to wait until you can get a team of other players. The beginning cutscene feels like a different game along with the battle pass. MCC has season pass, but everything is free in it, and you get to choose witch ones to get first out of every 10 items. I can’t wait to see what forge and custom game types would be like. Every time each halo came out, it had more than the previous halo. In halo 5, you can build a lot of the most creative game types and maps to go with them. If they are adding fire fight or war zone, it seems like all you can add are some brutes. This game will be awesome as long as there will be split screen.

This is how I feel about the BATA version of the game right now as of 7/30/2021. Besides of what I don’t like, this game just came out. I can’t wait to see what els this game will have to offer in the future!

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> What should be added, changed, or removed?

1.shaders, they literally couldve kept the old way and let you paint each armor by themselves but it was literally the FTP that made them go that way to monetize the “coatings”.

  1. gunplay is pretty good no problems so far besides the sniper (like the old halo snipers better)

  2. movement is more like Call of dutys movement but whatever they did just consult with comp players overall so not surprising to see.

4, helmets? dont really like them besides 2 in this tech build (cavallino & zvezda) but that trailblazer just looks like they said screw it and mixed armor together (CQb & Recon) and aviator and enigma are ugly… seems theyre keeping with the halo 5 design on some but not the outrageous kind.

  1. Free to Play, i know… i complain a lot about things others dont seem to have a problem with and little things like “customization” but i just see that everyones in their honeymoon phase and they really want this halo to be good so they’re justifying some things and convincing themselves its good for halo. some people say FTP is good but i dont think it is, free content? yeah cool but i wouldnt mind paying for dlc like back then ( some people say “it’ll lock people out of content like halo 3” but couldnt 343 just do the same design like COD where you can disable dlc and just play the base game?). More players? yeah every game has their influx of players and streamers that bring more players, yeah the FTP scheme will help to but for how long? i feel like it’ll go on strong for a couple months then just slowly dwindle in players. and there will be massive content droughts… people will complain and others will say “stop complaining its free”.

6.Battlepasses, I dont know why but i find battlepasses a lazy way to distribute content now in this day and age instead of having to earn it… i.e. recon armor in halo 3 and so forth, those felt good to get because we actually did stuff, play campaign, did challenges and etc instead of just constantly playing and gaining xp for a pass… that probably explains why i never liked halo reachs credit system lol.

overall theres some things 343 didnt need to do but they did it anyways for “the players” but it really dosent seem like its for “the players”, got to hand it to them though game runs smooth, gunplay is good, fast paced, lots of action, grapple isnt as bad as i thought it would be. can wait to play campaign though and see how they did.

EDIT: i really dont like the A.I. hopefully they have a jeff one, nothing can replace his voiceover.
Ui isnt really enjoyable to look at either.

Movement and gunplay was nice i like the customization. I wasnt a big fan of the maps so far though and im worried if they will get everything fixed in time for launch

The only thing I somewhat dislike is the br damage in this build imo it needs a buff