Likes and dislikes so far

My opinions about this game so far are quite mixed, and lean more toward the negative but these issues can be easily fixed.

-I do like the feel of the game and gameplay, which are very important. Also the balance seems pretty decent so far
-I like that the aiming is significantly better than it was in halo 5 and they’ve added in many controller sensitivity options which is great, something many asked for in the past glad they listened
-No friendly fire: this was a good change, eliminates accidental and intentional team killing

-Insanely low amount of maps, this is a MAJOR issue as it makes the game get stale really fast and it’s a main reason why i haven’t played much so far. 10 total and 2-3 are only for big team battle which i hardly ever play. Put in old maps/forge maps/random maps the halo community has created so many good maps just take a bunch and put them in the game
-Always the same 2 starting weapons in quick play. Im not saying we should have loadouts like in halo 4 but some more variety would be very nice. To always be using 2 guns most of the match is kinda boring. Yes i know this is how halo “should be” and ive been playing since halo 1 but i would suggest some matches that everyone starts with slightly better weapons.
-Respawn timer: imo this is a very outdated mechanic that should only apply in ctf and maybe something like plant the bomb game modes. But for everything else (including other objective modes), respawning should be instant and i HATE waiting every time i die
-Battle pass has zero weapon skins. Why??? That is literally the only worthwhile reward for a battle pass in an fps game. Because of this, i have no incentive or desire to complete challenges and level up the battle pass at all. I dont care about it, but i want to. The new event has some weapon skins so i may try to get those, but the main BP needs them too badly

Controls are the only reason I cannot play this game, which I want to. My sensitivity is maxed, yet I feel like I’m a tank.