what do u ppl think the actual percentage chance of halo 2 being re-released? also i hope the online play is NOT reach i hope its jus Halo 2 altogether… assuming they make the remake. Hope they do.

Halo 2 is the greatest online play of all time by far.

I’m thinking there’s a 75% chance that Halo 2: Anniversary will be made and an 100% chance that it will not use Reach multiplayer.

Considering it is currently the only Halo that cannot be played on the 360/XBL, IMHO it needs a remake just to put the entire franchise up to par, in a sense. I loved playing it back on the original Xbox, was my first Halo (got one mainly for Ninja Gaiden and Doom 3, then grabbed Halo 2 because I had heard it was getting pretty popular and wanted to see what it was about). As far as the multiplayer, I’m not too nitpicky…it was my first run and I mostly sucked, but kept getting better, and quite honestly loved it…but the campaign really drew me in…but now compared to the pretty stained-glass perfection of the 360 games, it looks like a dirty third-story ghetto apartment window. That gets spit on. A lot.

Playwise…make the Campaign akin to Anniversary…graphical overhaul, keep the rest the same. But multiplayer…eh…I’ve been playing Reach for 1 & 1/2 years, Halo 3 quite a bit before that…there’s only so much time I have in any given day, and I’d rather be playing 4 constantly and go back to see 2’s campaign prettied up and then hop back on 4’s multiplayer and progressing there than have to choose one over the other.

This is all my opinion, though. I’m sure others differ.

If it is made it’s probably going to use some of H4’s assets and come with a remastered map pack.