Like to Make People Rage...

This is not your typical clan!!

This clan is not for your everyday typical rage clan, there will be tests.

Spartan Company: Behind The Fence

Age Requirement: 16+

Facts Of: This is a new casual Spartan Company. We don’t have many rules in our new company, but our main one is to literally goof off. We take pride in making Halo 5 a fun interactive gaming environment. If your in to that competitive game play well, welcome aboard. We like to adjust to as many people as possible, thats why our clan is 16 and up. We like to have mature well rounded comrades that can poke fun at each other, and not rage!

Requirements: We have some qualifications of course that you will have to pass. Like a dummy test, a casual play test, and a rage test. These test’s are not hard and should be fairly simple to the normal halo gamer. We also need you to have a mic, for all we care it can be your 15$ piece of poo-poo Walmart mic, just something of the sort, shouldn’t be too hard considering every Xbox comes with it.

Point of Contact: F34R ObliVIoN, I like to be as social as possible, so don’t be afraid to join my parties…:]

With that -Yoink- gamertag id rage all over you lmfao

> 2533274976920128;2:
> With that -Yoink- gamertag id rage all over you lmfao