like put skins halo 2 battle rifle 343 industies

like put skins halo 2 battle rifle 343 industies

I agree, actually. Some skins for the gun would be nice. And if you don’t want the skins, don’t use them.

The only issue I would have with this would be even more storage space. Halo 5 bloats up my hard drive like a dead whale as it is. More stuff and my xbox will burst.

lolololo put hd toshiba canvio connect 2 tb its exelent hd for xbox one bro


200k RP later.

Maybe it will be on the next update with the oni and hannibal wasp

I don’t think weapon skins really fit the Halo 2 Battle Rifle, aside from maybe one with some mud and dirt splattered on it.

Like, put skins for the Halo 2 Battle Rifle 343 Industries.

-yoink- that! Skins on the Halo 2 battle rifle would ruin it. -yoink- those power rangers skins 343 brought in! Halo should be a Sci-fi MILITARY shooter -yoink-!!!

These are spartans - this is not!

No thanks. They shouldn’t ruin a classic weapon with power ranger and my little pony skins.

It’s the best looking loadout weapon in the game, no need for skins in the first place.