Like an old friend

Day one was good. I did not have the ability to do multiplayer today as I work, but I have been playing the academy quite a bit I must say it was was like seeing and old friend from the 2000’s again. The feeling I got from launch to start of match brought back all the good memories of halo from the past. I did encounter a few issue with the AI, namely bots getting stuck in place. The AI is pretty decent at the hardest setting as well, it got me up in my seat when I turned it up to spartan level. The game play was clean, the movement was a little slow but more along the lines of what halo should be. My system is PC running with an i9 kf 10900 with a 3080, with 32GB of ram, with a 27in 1440p monitor 165hz. Running everything on the highest settings and had other than shadows I was able to maintain a good average of 135 to 145 FPS. I also had Vsync disabled since I do not have an AMD GPU, this setting was enabled in the setting when I just looked at the options, I am unsure if its something that should be running, it tends to be disabled in most games I play.
All in all I am happy with what has been released in tests so far and appears to be the Halo we all have been waiting for. I look forward to doing to multiplayer tomorrow.