Lightrifle users

Are there anymore users that have used the Lightrifle as a main instead of waiting until the update? If so welcome to the Brotherhood! Seriously we need more people to try out this weapon it’s been months and no one likes it still.

The light rifle is okay.

It’s obviously not as good as the DMR, but it does work if a good player is using it.

Oh yes, I’m in love with the LightRifle. :slight_smile:

> The light rifle is okay.
> It’s obviously not as good as the DMR, but it does work if a good player is using it.

You say that now but is that how you really feel? *tries to change mind about saying it’s oka

I just don’t use it because I’m not that good with it and the ROF is pretty slow.

After the update, the range, damage, and ROF boost will be enough to make a lot of players move on to it.

I think it’s a great weapon, it shouldn’t take an update for people to realize the power of the Forerunner ranged weapon.

as far as I know of it’s on par with my BR.

Just I’m not a great fan of the whole “I’m over here!” trail.

> I think it’s a great weapon, it shouldn’t take an update for people to realize the power of the Forerunner ranged weapon.

To be fair there isn’t a lot to realize. DMR is clearly the best gun. No question there. Then comes the Light Rifle, which is better than the BR and Carbine, but only in the hands of a player with extraordinary aim.

It’s taken a decade to get to use some forerunner weapons, so I’m damn well gonna use them!

I happen to be working on that Commendation. Hate to lose to DMR campers most of the time, so looking forward to the update.

I love my lightrifle, it is a great gun. It has the capability to outshoot DMR players but it is hard to do. It is much easier if you use the stability perk with lightrifle and if you practice the 1 scope 3 unscoped for close-mid.

LR is great once you cross the skill gap. I’ll take it into battle any day, and like my odds, even against DMR users.

I’m working through a couple remaining primary weapon commendations but once those are finished, it should be LR all the time for me. The June 3 update should only improve things IMHO.

I have been really enjoying working with the LR. I maxed it out a few weeks back, and continue to use it mostly in BTIS. I did play some Forge maps this morning and did just fine with it. I want to be able to use it on smaller maps as well. I have about 800 more kills to get it to show as my favorite weapon. I want to get it there before the update. Mainly for pride in saying I got it there before the changes were made.

I started this thread about a week ago but got only one response.

I find that I am usually the only one in the game who has used one. It is interesting though that a lot of the time when I do get killed the player then picks up my LR. I think players know it’s strengths, but are turned off by its supposed difficulty of use. I say supposed because if I can use it and succeed with it I know others can as well. I am not always successful, to say the least, but I enjoy the challenge. I haven’t mastered the scope in for one shot and scope out for three. I especially haven’t mastered this ability Halo 4 Tricks-Faster Kills-Light Rifle.

Glad to see there are others out there. I’m sure once the update comes out there will be more, and the LR could possibly become the new noob weapon.

I’m using it to complete the commendation, but have to say that I am not very good with it. Intellectually I understand all of the tricks, but executing them in live gameplay has proven difficult.

Part of that may be that I prefer CQC to ranged combat. I have more fun jumping, thrusting, and punching than plinking from a rooftop . . . so my plinking skills are just plain crappy.

The Lightrifle gets pretty frustrating to use when your just out of Assault Rifle range, but hey, with some discipline you can land your five shots.

Personally, that’s my GOTO long range weapon, the BR comes in at second when it’s not so far. I love the gun, the skill it takes to use is amazing. The contrails don’t even bother me that much.

With the soon approaching update, the Lightrifle is going to be even more deadly with it’s ROF buff.

The LightRifle is probably the most versatile weapon of them all.

Of course I love it.

The reason i love to use the light rifle is because it is a good fight against the DMR and their noob users, and it takes skill to use, apart from that i love the MA5, from Halo:CE it was my weapon, but the light rifle is great.

Light Rifle is my favorite gun in any video game, Light Rifle Brotherhood FTW

I love my lightrifle, but i don’t play much on bigger maps so…

I’ve been using the Light Rifle from the start and will never put it down. Better than the dum-dum gun at longer ranges, and even though I foolishly haven’t used stability with it yet, I still get the kills. 4-shot forerunner gun is my friend! =)