Lightrifle RoF please 343

I love halo 4. The lightrifle has to my favorite gun even tho it says the dmr is. I love the lightrifle but what kills me is the slow rate of fire unscoped and little bit when im scoped. I believe this gun is the only gun that can stack up against the dmr, IMO. I only that 343 please make it so.

It kills faster than the DMR when scoped. Only problem with the DMR is that the bullet magnetism and aim assist is way too high.

Scoped LR already has the fastest killtime in the starting rifle category. It is perfect just the way it is now.

Only if I can unscope you first.

I suggest this thread:


If anything, LR needs imo little slower rof. It’s as overpowered to AR/BR as Carbine is underpowered (very little, but still).

DMR should get solid nerf so other weapons will stand a chance. Balancing everything to DMR means that everything what is already balanced (AR/SR/Suppressor/BR or Carbine and LR to some degree) would be destroyed.