Lightrifle is to slow.

It really is a burden in anybody’s hand from my view. When zoomed in I feel like the delay on each shot is WAY to slow. When caught in a gun fight long range or short when using the ligtrifle, I loose because of the delay in the shots. I know it’s a 3 headshot kill but it’s just too slow.

It’s slower because it’s a 3 shot kill. I think it’s amazing. I use it all the time and wreck.

Yeah its slower because its more powerful. If they speed it up then theyll have to decrease its power.

It’s perfect. On bigger maps it will be even better.

Its fine, and it shoots faster unzoomed. I would like to see a comparison of how long it takes to pop off 5 shots with the DMR, 4 shots with the BR, and 3 shots with the lightrifle. Maybe i’ll get on that…