Lightrifle Discussion

So, its a new week, and a new playlist for the beta. Now Slayer features Battle Rifle starts on two new maps; Regret and Eden. And on those maps we see a weapon not seen since the last game: the Lightrifle. I’ve picked it up a few times and got a good feel for how it works, and I’d like to talk about how it looks and performs now compared to Halo 4.


When you pick up the Lightrifle for the first time, you may notice that it has significantly less reserve muntions, only 12 rounds as opposed to the 72 you began with in Halo 4. However, even this small amount is enough to do quite a bit of damage. The Lightrifle used to have a weak, 3-round burst when fired from the hip, and a powerful, single shot when scoped in. Now it fires a single shot regardless of whether or not you’re using the scope. So now, the LR will always remove shields in only 3 shots, and 2 more shots will finish off your target. Thanks to this, it can now stand up the the BR and other close to mid range weapons, and it remains a powerful long range weapon all at the same time. However, players should know that the LR fires more slowly when zoomed in than when fired from the hip, to keep it balanced. Overall the LR is more useful than it used to be and is no longer at a disadvantage as close range. However, players who want to pick one up should be ready to use their backup weapon soon, as ammo for the LR is scarce.

Appearance and Sound
This part deals with how the LR looks and sounds, things that don’t have much effect on gameplay. The LR seems to have more bits and pieces on it, making it look slightly more bulky, unlike in Halo 4 where is was sleek and sharp. Personally, I prefer it sleek, but there is one interesting change to the scope that caught me by surpise. Instead of just looking into it, the whole scope pops open when aimmed, which is pretty damn cool if you ask me. As for the sound, it sounds a bit more like a laser you would hear from an older game or sci fi movie. Again, I don’t really like this. It sounds like a cheesy sound effect to me, but I don’t think its worth fussing over. After all, this game is still a beta.

So what do you guys think? Do you like the Lightrifle? Do you think its balanced? What do you think of the new look and sound? Is this a weapon you’d like to use in game?

Gotta agree with it looking more chunky. I preferred its sleek look in Halo 4. The sound it makes down the awesome new scope is killer, but the unscoped sound is a tad dull. Overall, glad it’s making a comeback, and I can’t wait to see the rest of the Promeathean armory.

The scope is soooooo cool.