Lighting glare

I’ve noticed that in all phases of Halo 4, that the glare provided by light sources really affects visibility in the game. I feel that while some of it can certainly help set the atmospheric tone of a level / map, that it really becomes a nuisance when trying to pick enemies out.

The glare effects seem to over saturate the screen and ends up taking away from the highly detailed world that the the artists have created for us. I think it’s a lot like trying to watch a J.J. Abrams movie, where the lens flare just overwhelms the screen at times and in my opinion should be minimized or removed.

If looking at the issue of this from a fiction standpoint, doesn’t it seem a little counter-intuitive that the MJOLNIR armor’s faceshield doesn’t compensate for the change in lighting? I’m sure there should be instances that this shouldn’t be the case, large explosions, plasma bolts being fired right at you. But the constant wash out of the surrounding scenery by the multitude of light sources really do affect the gameplay in my opinion.

I’d be interested to hear back from others on this. Thanks.

This actually bothered me so much that I would always use Promethean Vision even if I didn’t need it, cause it would block out the unnecessary lighting effects and give me a clearer view. I probably missed a ton of beautiful scenery in the campaign and some aspects of multiplayer cause of this.

That stuff really hurts my eyes. It’s just not necessary. It reminds me of when I first got Battlefield 3. The sun was just too much. DICE nerfed the sun I guess later on lol.

I agree, OP. Lighting needs a nerf, but DMR and Boltshot are fine as they are now.

I actually have to put on my glasses when I play Halo now. And I never wear glasses.

It hurts my eyes. I mean, its beutiful and whatnot but come on now, that is just too much.