Light Rifle vs. DMR/BR

Okay, so I’ve reached the rank that allows me to purchase the Light Rifle, and I did. But here’s my question: Is it actually better than the DMR/BR just because you unlock it at a higher rank? I haven’t really noticed any difference damage wise. Thoughts?

You forgot the Carbine… It needs love its a real beast.

Carbine? Meh…

I can’t say yes or no. It kills in only four headshots, but the scope is much worse than the BR/DMR: it’s harder to aim.

On maps with long lines of sight, the LR is probably better…And at close range it’s good, but at medium range it loses to both the BR and DMR.

So I’d say it’s situational; I can’t objectively say it’s better or worse.

It’s a slightly worse BR close range but it obviously pays off at longer ranges with the scope. It isn’t better or worse, it just has its own niche. I guess I can say it’s good enough to use regularly, however the DMR just outclasses every starting weapon right now so it’s hard to find a reason to use anything else