light rifle tips

Does anyone have any suggestions about close range LR? Whenever I’m at pelican or something on ragnarok, when somebody rushes, I have to back do or I get destroyed by DMR close up. I know about the one scope 3 not for 4sk, but any other tips? Also, at extreme range where the dmr has more reticle range, the LR is hard to aim, any tips on that?

I appreciate it in advance.

try and get at least one zoomed shot then its a 3 shot with unzoomed

If you know about the 1 scope and 3 unscoped then you should be set. It just takes practice from there. And obviously don’t miss and land that last shot on the head. As for long range the LR is superior than DMR. With practice you will win. Also not a bad idea at all to use the stability perk that comes with Rogue, makes LR much more useable.

I have the secret for you. Try putting your reticle on the enemy, so that it turns red, and press the right trigger. I know it sounds risky, but trust me, it works. You might even get a kill…

Kidding aside, just try strafing and jumping, and don’t get into battles you know you can’t win. If someone is cross mapping you with the DMR, try getting a couple shots in. But if they keep hitting you, back off and don’t get caught up in the kill.

I was talking about when shooting out of red reticle range. I don’t know if this is a fact, but it seems like the dime has more reticle range. It makes it difficult to land shots from say pelican to gun turret. At longer mid range, the gun it beast, but farther I have problems. I use stability and it really helps, but i run out of ammo.

Thanks for the feedback!