Light Rifle Supporters Unite

I see a lot of threads talkin about every other gun except for the LR its my favorite gun and i wreck people with it just wanted to see how many other LR users there are

Youre service record says you have the BR as the most used weapon

i started out using the BR only because i didnt like the DMR once i became like level 60 i gave the light rifle a chance and never looked back

LR is my favorite gun, though I mainly only use it for BTB for the 4sk. So satisfying to kill a DMR user with it. BR for 4v4, LR for bigger teams.

ive had a couple tries with it but i just cant get away with the scope in MM i love it in campaign though

LR is legit… PERIOD!

blue metal you read my mind almost exactly how i play and it is very satisfying wrecking a DMR user mostly because thats a majority of the halo community

Yup, I main the LR a lot lately. I have more DMR and BR kills cos of SWAT tho :slight_smile: Amazing beast of a weapon.

I’m with you, the LightRifle is my favorite loadout weapon in the game.

I enjoy the light rifle. It is a pretty fun weapon that adapts to most situations.

I’m using it for big team since I’ve maxed the DMR commendations. I respect people that use it as a primary though; I’m not perfect with it

Hardest weapon to use IMO but the most satisfying.

I’ve used the heck out of the light rifle. It’s pretty insane…my only gripe is the reticle. I wish it was something different or changeable. For some reason I have the hardest time aiming with it for some reason. I know it’s purely aesthetic but it’s a prob I have lol.

I love the LR, the DMR may be ‘better’, but the LR just looks, feels, and sounds awesome.

yeah i had a problem aiming the reticule at first too its different but once you get used to it its pretty easy


Light rifle is my overall primary weapon. Very versatile with a satisfying skill gap. But I do switch up weapons based on whatever map and gametype is being played. Tis why I love the crimson map pack, because all of the maps are good for light rifle usage (at least for my play style)

I use to use the DMR as my primary, but lately I’ve been using the Light Rifle. It’s hard to use, but much more rewarding than the other weapons, especialy than the DMR.


The LR is actually my favorite precision rifle to use. I found it was best used in BTB than in any other game mode.

I am just having overall fun using it.