Light Rifle: Halo 4's or 5's?

While I like Halo 5’s well enough, for some reason I just like 4’s a little more. Something about how it changes in firing like a BR from regular sight, to firing like a DMR when scoped.

I like the Halo 4 firing sound more, but I prefer the way Halo 5’s Z-250 functions.

I like how the LR from Halo 5 is more powerful from the hip, but when it comes to everything else like the LR from Halo 4 more. I like how it had burst fire and single shot when scoped in (the only real problem was that burst mode was way too weak.) The scoped mode in Halo 5 may be stronger, but the ROF is just too slow to be practical. The overall design was also better in Halo 4, both visual and (especially) sound.

I like Halo 5’s much better!

If they gave 5s Lightrifle the fire rate and range of Halo 4s, it would be perfect.

I prefer the halo 5 version, if feels more powerfull in halo 5.

Probably 4, it was pretty cool that it could switch between firing modes.

I loved the Halo 4’s Light Rifle. I wish the Halo 5 LR had the same fire rate options as the one in Halo 4.

The Halo 5 LR is probably my favorite though. There’s just something about it that 343 nailed perfectly with it.

So I’d say the Halo 5 one is my top choice.