Light Rifle Glitch or No?

So, apparently the light rifle is 4 shot zoomed in and 5-6 shot zoomed out? That doesn’t even make sense? Is it suppose to be like this or am I missing something?

Yes, its a 5 shot kill, triple shot burst fire at the hip and a 4 shot kill, single shot in scope.

Nope… That is the way it has always been… Three shot burst like BR when unzoomed and single shot when zoomed… Little less range view then the DMR… current favorite right now

It was designed to be kinda the in between on the dmr and br. Its supposed to burst fire like the br unzoomed then zoomed single shot dmr style. It’s supposed to be kinda go along with the forerunner style of them having the most advanced weapons

It just doesn’t make sense why would you being zoomed in effect the shots? Its massively OP at long range since the Bullet magnetism is so large.