Life and Death - Halo Fanfiction

This is a fanfiction I posted to a while ago. I’ve been getting back into writing and have decided to possibly start writing this again, if there is any interest in it.

There are five chapters so far, but the story is still very bare-bones, with more exciting chapters planned for the future, depending on the reception.

It’s in GoogleDocs format, since that’s the easiest way to post it without dealing with irritating and constricting character/word limits and having to reserve posts for later chapters.

Here is the link, read at your leisure; any and all feedback is welcome, but try and be constructive as I try to be when reading others works.

Enjoy, or don’t:

Life and Death

Brief synopsis:

> Life and Death is set during the changing of the guard, where the Brutes usurp the Elites as the protectors of the Covenant and the Prophets. The general story revolves around two central characters, Vita ‘Sigurd and Thanatos, an Elite and a Brute respectively. They are long-time friends and comrades in battle and both are weary of Truth’s promises. Together, they set off together on a journey full of deception, lies, battles of mind and body and inevitably witness the implosion of the Covenant. The idea is to tell the Halo story from the Covenant perspective, as Halo 2 did so well, but sparingly. I wanted to escape the generalisations of Brutes and make Thanatos and many others of his kind stand out as being honourable and ‘humanised’.
> The title identifies the two central characters, who are named Vita (Life, in Latin) and Thanatos (Death, in Greek) and also the two main elements of any war and any civilisation. Each name has meaning and pertains to the characters themselves, in part due to my love of language and also due to the Halo writers’ precedent of depth of character.
> Hopefully you gain some enjoyment from what is, for now, a brief story that I shall continue if interest develops.

That story is really quite good! The characters are believable, the plot is too, and the quality of writing is very good as well. You’ve definitely caught my interest, please do write more!

PS: there is a pinned fanfiction thread in the universe subforum, you should put a link to your story up there as well :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading and thanks for informing me of the fanfiction topic, I’ll definitely post it there!