Like an older halo game? That must’ve been a lie.
Random ordnance? That must’ve been a lie.
E-Mail codes and specializations?? There’s some more lies…

Not to mention…
No more Plasma Rifles
No more Plasma Repeaters
No more Plasma Launchers
No more Needle Rifles
No more Grenade Launchers
No more Falcons
No more Revenants
No more grenade belts
No more robot arms
No more customized helms
No more Invasion
No more Elite Slayer
No more BTB objective
No more Grifball
No more Infection (and variants)
No more Action Sack?
No more massive Forge World race tracks etc.
No more map variety (Valhalla or Haven today?)
No more Brutes? No more Spirits?
No more Firefight
No more co-op Campaign
No more secondary wep on the HUD?
No more loss of accuracy for a damaged ghost?

There used to be a lot of cool unique weapons! Now we have a new sniper, a new shotgun, a new rocket launcher, a new DMR/BR, and a new half-pistol/mini shotgun. Just old weapons with new skins! Where’s my ****ing plamsa launcher?

Also, I’ve shot knights with binary rifles on normal, only to have them warp the moment I pull the trigger, or just be immune to damage as a watcher puts up a shield AFTER the shot. The campaign is broken too.

And rock dumb AI, even on legendary. Knights either walk backwards into your combat knife or spam binary rifle or incineration cannon >;o

Stuck at level 70 are we?

Spartan OPs gives more XP than wargames?

King of the Hill has no actual hills? I’ll explain that later in a different thread.

Um… yeah, you could probably help extend the list. Even with the forge world maps everywhere, I found there was about twice as much content in Reach as H4. That’s rather sad. I didn’t even pay for Reach, but when I paid full price for H4 it was a letdown. Last time I pre-order anything from Microsoft.

And still no orange visor? WTF.

I’ve been lied to SO MUCH about this game and all it’s email promotions. And Spartan Ops sucks. It’s just the same spartans with the same weapons killing the same enemies on the same maps… Feels like a toned down campaign with an annoying radio chime! Think about it. Think deeply about it. And you might have to pay for that someday… Yeeeah if Halo 5 doesn’t pick up the pace Halo IS gonna die. Well… The new Halo, at least.

No problems with perks or loadouts though. Except LE buyers get exclusive perks which is BS… so yeah.

And the DMR? It doesn’t need slower RoF. It just needs a more bloom. Not as much as in Reach though, because it needs to be stronger anyways to compete with the BR and H4 weps. Just a tad bit OP right now, nothing major.

What about Hardlight shield? Well… it’s an armor lock that has been SO nerfed it’s not as useful as the other abilities, and extremely situational. You can’t even recharge shields when you have it out… And it could at least have a bash melee attack or something, that wouldn’t be OP but it’d be pretty cool! I mean normal damage melee btw. A “Face Basher!” medal for +5 points when killing somebody with it.

I’ll be doing other stuff then I guess… Call me back when Pioneer comes out. Hopefully the game will be patched so much by then, that it looks like a glorious Halo quilt. Heh wow, this is a long post. Well anyways that’s why I don’t like Halo 4. The game is lacking in every department and the devs are liars. That’s not a good sign.

Oh btw I think it’s a good game… Just not a great game. It’s no match for Halo’s past.

I definitely agree with all of your points OP. I do enjoy the game a lot, but my main gripe is that 343 refused to take ANY risk at all. It’s very underwhelming that in essence we received Reach 2. Many of the ideas are good, and the COD elements are actually welcomed by me…but many of the COD aspects were implemented poorly with crap UI and glitches/annoyances.

I am most dissapointed there is no classic playlist with static weapon spawns and no loadouts. 343 is obviously scared of giving players options and wants to force their way on you…reminds me of Apple products lol.

It’s a real reflection of where the gaming industry is heading; initial sales are all that matter. Once they have their big launch and all the money comes in, it’s time to focus on Halo 5 and the next big payday. I guess that’s business.

keep in mind that the game just came out and is still updating. and some of your “lies” they said would not be in the game so that would not make them lies. the spec’s they did screw up on the november 20 thing but they did say before november 20 that they would not allow all the spec’s right off the bat unless you have bought the limited edition witch i did. but getting the le was a problem they stopped selling them around august and september.

My biggest disappointment was that fact you cant change flood loadouts.

Anyone who was part of the Halo 3 community knows that what made Halo 3 the best game of all time was the custom games. I spent hours playing Jenga Tower, cops and robbers, bumper cars, omega journy, predator, fat kid, garbage man, and a bunch of other games that i cant remember.

The point is i didnt buy Halo 4 for these repetitive gametypes in multiplayer that are completely unoriginal.I bought Halo 4 expecting a flourishing community of creative maps and gametypes made by the community. But 343 ruined my hope of this when they complete F’ed over any “custom” options in Halo 4.

All in all, Halo 4 is my biggest disappointment of 2012.