Lied to?

I just need a strait answer.

Is the Locus helmet in the game or are the ones I see just skins of the helmet I.E. warrior helmet stripes.

I ask because awhile ago I read that 343 would not be locking up armor only unique skins(I’ll edit this when I find the source)

So should I start power leveling to unlock or do I only play a specific game type or should I take what I have left to the trading thread?

all information is appreciated.

No idea. I unlocked Locus from using the 7-11 King of the Hill app. I’m only a SR11, and it hasn’t unlocked yet. Perhaps some one who has made it further would know.

"Halo 4 Pre-order Bonuses
Last week, retailers began announcing their Halo 4 pre-order bonuses. The first eight bonuses you’ll see below are skins. (For clarification purposes, please note they are skins only, and we are not locking away armor.) One of the best things about the skins is the ability to fully customize them. You’re getting a pattern that is not only unique, but can also be color customized.
Each individual store determines when they make their announcement, so while I am not able to offer you a complete list of what store is offering what bonus, I can give you bigger, prettier pictures than what many of the websites are currently hosting. Start scrolling to begin ingesting the Halo 4 eye candy."

The Locus helmet was part of the pre-order bonus I got from Future Shop.

So, it sounds as though the skins are unique, but the armor itself may still be unlockable.

shameless bump I Want a strait answer please

> shameless bump I Want a strait answer please

No bumping please, it’s considered spam. Thanks.

you seem pretty knowledgeable about all this who would I ask? is there a moderator or a dev who might know?

> you seem pretty knowledgeable about all this who would I ask? is there a moderator or a dev who might know?

I am a moderator, but don’t know the answer to your question for sure. You may want to try sending a PM to bs angel or rukizzel.

They say they are not locking any armour away at all, but FOTUS is console exclusive. that leads me to believe there are some that are still exclusive, but they were talking about the pre-order bonuses.

So, I really have no idea. I hope it’s unlocked at a later level cause it looks great.

Thank you sarcasmbully.

KaruX04: My fears exactly why say one thing then do another? can I trust the bulletin board, apparently not.

Not certain what you can trust from them at the moment. They keep saying one thing then doing another.
On one hand, I really hope they made it unlockable, for you, and everyone else to unlock.
but on the other, that means I don’t know what to trust with the exclusivity of my FOTUS, and that’s a can of worms I’m not opening up again on this forum lol

agreed however locus is on the list of things that are just skins and therefor should have a vanilla counter part. unless they lied, which is what I’m trying to figure out.

I got mine as a preorder.

I was going to pre-order from mighty ape until I read the bulletin board and got the impression that they were skins for helmets already in the game, that’s what I’m upset about.