license transfer halo 3

Ok this is my first time on the forums and it looks great. I have a question does anyone have halo 3 from on demand and wouldnt mind licence transfering with me? I really need to get back on halo because halo 4 will be out soon!!! Please help me if u want you can also msg on xbox fearstrafez sx thank you.

why not just buy the game? You can get ODST with all the map packs for Halo 3 for like $10 these days at a local store or online.

You are asking someone to give you their account details to do a license transfer?

Good luck with that.

gamestop sells halo 3 used for like 5 dollars so just go to gamestop and buy halo 3

As that involves the exchanging of personal information, I cannot leave this open.

The others have given you good suggestions. :slight_smile: