LFG of Adults 30+

LFG of adults aged 30 and up who have little time to spare between their spouse, kids, mortgage and full time job to play very many games, but are able and willing to put a single day of the week aside for playing Halo.

Age gate is flexible. Parents preferred, for solidarity. Friday or Saturday nights, EST, after the kids go to bed. Any and every Halo.


I’ve played some Halo games before but it’s been awhile. I just made a new gamertag and plan to go down the rabbit hole of Halo. So I’ll be looking for others that will play. I’ll be going for all achievements eventually and just play for fun. Im not so good but if your interested gamertag is Swampysaurus

If you want to join our discord group, we’re all 28 plus og halo players that have been competitive halo players since CE. But we all have Jobs, Mortgages, children and want to take infinite seriously and murder some zoomers(in halo… mods don’t ban me).

Im 32. Add me. Zzziip.

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I’m down, I’m 30 from the UK so time difference slightly different feel free to add me MrMi11ar

Also down! 32, Canadian, got 1 baby with another on the way lol maxed out my level this season & starting to ramp up ranked play. Hit me up if this is still a thing!

Discord: johnthedougler#7052

Can I get an invite to the discord? Discord: k1ipp #8648

I’m down too. 31 with 3 kids and a mortgage. Actively playing through all the Halo stories with my oldest son. Started a relationship with my now wife, waiting in line for Halo 3. It was pretty much my life for a while.

Gamertag: k1ipp

Im down feel free to add me. 34 dad of soon to be number 6. I ride share fridays and saturdays and Im a stay at home parent. But i play halo when i can. Add me then pm me so i know why im getting friend requests and adds lol. T00THNNAILZ the o’s are zeros.

I’m down to join. Been gaming since age 12, now age 35. CS was my first love. Hit me up. I’m more than interested!

Btw, Gamer Tag for XBox is

Daddy Scout

im down to join. 43, been gaming since nintendo… hehe… still have it too!
xbox gamer tag is Zohar78

Gamertag: LoboRican

Do you communicate directly through Xbox, or do you use a group communication app, like Discord?


Dad of a 5 year old son. Living in germany. Add H4MM3RS0N (0s are zeros)

GT: The Govunator

29 father of 3 year old girl and one on the way. Wife supports gaming habits. lol

US Central time.

I’m on Infinite a lot.

GT: The Govunator

I’m down as well. I’m 36 with all of the above (wife, children, etc.). My Xbox gamer tag is Gregorous. Anybody, feel free to add me. I still really enjoy playing Halo 3 BTB and and Halo Infinite BTB. Still learning the ins and outs of Halo Infinite.

I’m down, I’ve played every Halo game, beat them all Legendary, besides Spartan Assault & the War’s series, and I currently am only on Infinite. I’ll run any game mode & help anyone with co-op too… 32 years on this planet and counting… Send me a request.
Gamertag: CWB iPhaze

I have none of those things but am over 30 lol.

I would love to find a team to play with. I am 48 and have been playing Halo since Day 1.

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37 here. Wife, child, work, and mortgage…check!

I generally only have an hour or two, at most, on weekdays. Friday and/or Saturday nights I’m known to Halo-binge up to 5AM EST.

I’ve been with Halo since CE, and currently play the full MCC suite and Infinite. I’d be glad to help anyone that needs it.

I currently play on Steam exclusively, but you can also add me on XBL with the same gamertag: Pops Ghostly