LFG in a homebrew Halo TTRPG

I am gauging the community for players whose gaming interests intersect between Halo and TTRPGs. Do any of the following apply to you?:

  1. Do you want more Halo in your life?
    1b. Are you familiar with some, most, or all of the extended Halo lore?
    1c. Would you be interested in properly roleplaying your up-until now underutilized multiplayer Spartan in a canon-adjacent narrative rpg?

  2. Do you have any experience playing Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, or more specifically Starfinder?
    2b. If so, are you familiar enough with the rules of your standard d20 ttrpg to roll up and maintain a character with little to no oversight?
    2c. If not, that is fine. I don’t mind working with newbs so long as you’re able and willing to learn.

  3. Do you have room in your busy schedule for a weekly dice roll over Discord? Tentatively, I’m thinking Friday nights 8pm EST or later, two-ish hours.

Over the past few months, I have been accumulating Halo-themed homebrew material for the Starfinder TTRPG that I’d like to get more play testing hours than are currently allotted by the Saturday in-person game I am presently GMing from my house.

The story will follow the as-of-yet-unknown Spartan Fireteam [REDACTED] aboard ONI Prowler [REDACTED] en route to investigate a derelict Kig-Yar Raider-class freighter in a degrading orbit around an as-of-yet-uncharted gas giant in an as-of-yet unexplored system.

The fireteam may consist of 2-5 mixed-origin Spartans who are tasked by their ONI commanding officer to explore the ghost ship.

As for me, I"ve played many games of DnD, Pathfinder, and Starfinder over the past five-ish years and have GM’d a few as well. I’m a writer by habit who spends most of my day-time work hours daydreaming up characters, ships and settings that fit into what I’ve been referring to as Halo’s “Pale” Timeline. And I am extremely eager to share this material with other Halo fans who are looking for a new adventure.

So, how many Waypoint regulars fit the mold?