LF3 Dedicated/Serious Players for Competitive Team

Pretty Interested in this. i play a lot in my downtime from work. so if our times match up ill try out or what ever is needed.

GT is RealBigFrog, pretty open schedule and free to make tournaments and practice times. Would love to link up if you’re still looking.

What’s up ! I’m 24 I played competitively for years I come a background of call of duty and halo the only two I play. Never competitively competed for any halo events but I always places high on rank. In my call of duty I traveled from umg and mlg events and also local, I always performed great. Last event I attend to was EtG 13 placed 10th that lab event so I say I have a competitive background. About myself I’m very dedicated and my skills will speak for itself. I’m willing to put the blood sweat and tears into to the game and also the team not one one person can’t the game.

Hopefully you reach out thank you for your time

GT: Sarutobi4562

Currently have a To2 looking for 2 more. I have competed in multiple Halo’s and have over 15 years of experience. I placed 3rd in Twitch Rivals for a BR game called Hyper Scape. I already have a team pass for Raleigh and I’m playing this game full time at the moment so I have a lot of time to dedicate to practice and team play. I was a 50 in Halo 3, I was also Champ 1 in Halo 5. I’m currently Onyx 1690ish in Infinite (not that it means much lol). Looking to get some practice in before the Faceit Tourney this weekend. My team mate and I are highly skilled players who compete at a professional level. We are looking for two more dedicated and RELIABLE individuals to head to Raleigh with us. If you think you have what it takes please add me or message GT : Synthesi Discord : Synthesi#7004 .

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Hey man, lets link up.

solo onyx player
GT: X Quicho