LF Team - Older Semi Pro Player

Hey everyone,
I am currently looking for a team as well as other people to play with or run scrims with. Back in 04/05 I played Halo 2 competitively and was able to get up to 33rd place. I also coached a team to top 32 on Halo 3. Back in that day I went by the tag Constantine. I have been waiting for a Halo to kind of come back into the scene for me to really want to play again. If you interested let me know.

Information about me:
I’m 35 and have been playing Halo since… well forever lol. The type of player that I am is I adjust to situations as they happen due to the need.

Gamertag: Bullet Lag

If you’re interested in letting me run games with you please just reach out and if you are someone looking for someone to just play with by all means please add me and we can play some games.

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I went to loads of tourneys in h3 35 yr. Old not looking to go pro but would like to have a squad and run some scrims or whatever….diamond 2 on infinite. Add me if you want l adverse l. They are L’s with a space after I’m on most nights from 5 or so till 8,9,10


Add me and lets run some games GT: E7Thebutcher

Gt: l adverse l. They are L’s with spacing before and after adverse…35 yr old grew up on halo ex semi pro in h3 rank d4 in open and d2 almost 3 in soloQ would like to find scrims and compete again not aspiring to go pro but just get better.