LF people to play with

Im looking for friendly players that are good. Im tired of doing matchmaking and always getting all the blueberries on my team.

Right now ive just been playing Infinity slayer and SWAT.

Just add me on xbox live. GT: WyH x Grimmjow

Check out xFactor Gaming Community… we’re always looking for new players, and you’ll never play with randoms. Take a look around our forums because we’re growing quickly and still looking for more mature people (please have a mic).

Blood sword clan is as friendly as it gets join today

We are a very active and friendly gaming community.
We are constantly in the top 10 for top 100 clans!

I am part RoG Requiem which is one of the Halo brigades of Revolution of gaming. We have multiple brigades for all the top games so you will never be short of friends to play with!!

Every week we have game nights including custom game nights, we hold tournaments and best of all PRIZES!!!

There is no need to change your Gamertag, your colors, not a single thing! And best of all its all free!!
Come check us out and whilst your there come say hi to me!!
If you decide to join could you please put NIBBLE MY PRAWN as your referrer. Thank you! And see you on the battlefield!!!