Hello, I’m looking for an active halo 5 clan with a lot of members so there will always be the potential of a group being made. I’m level 53 right now with a mic and looking to run some organized warzone or arena but I can play any mode I have qualified for all the different arenas and I range from diamond to silver. I am an old veteran halo player so I would like to join a more mature group of members. I work 3rd shift so I wont be able to play long nights but im usually on in the mornings after 7am and in the afternoons. If im off work it varies. Also I enjoy playing the game and getting better but not at the expense of people who rage or get all pissed off and blame others if its not going well. So basically im looking for an active clan which is semi-casual. Thanks for your time and send me an invite ingame or to my inbox if I sound like a member your looking for.
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TMG is always looking for new members.

We play everything and have tons of active members / website etc.

Message TMG Helios on xbox and tell him I sent you if youre interested.

Hi there. I am one of the founders of DTO. If you would like to look us up in the Spartan Company search, search Door To Oblivion. You can see what we’re all about and if we’re the clan for you.