LF group to play competitively with

Good day community,

Halo Vet here since H3. Halo Infinite has brought back the nostalgic feeling I use to experience back during the early MLG days. Been enjoying the game so far, even with some of the hiccups.

With that being said, I’m looking for a competitive group to play with and potentially consider participating in LAN tournies later in the year.

I’m Onyx in cross-play, as well as SoloQ and looking to take my game to the next level with like-minded individuals. Feel free to hit me up as my tag is below:

GT: EnY Romy


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I am onyx and have several people also onyx in my community… feel free to add me

GT: Final Boss
Discord: Final Boss#1776

Hey there! Also a pretty long Halo vet been playing online since H2. I am interested in looking to try to form something up as well. If you’d like to give it a few games to see what you think feel free to message me. I’m available every week night after 7pm EST and on Weekends available all day. Am able to make it any lan event as well. If you see me online feel free to message!
Onyx in solo duo . D5 in cross-play .
GT: Jt is a Duck
Discord: Jt_is_Clutch#6119