LF Good and willing to develop players.

Me and my real life buddy and i are dedicated to going pro and need 2 more for a team for the HCS season. We are partaking in the preseason message me on Xbox at “Legacy PGL”. Don’t even waste our time if you’re not dedicated.

Not interested in joining a team, but hit me up to run customs: Lmmoiation

i would be interested and dedicated but I’m not the best of players and seems like your looking for smi-pros but if you want to look into me just hmu

SoTADA, used to be semi-pro until halo 4. Now looking to get my skill back.

My gt is D4rkcaesar

I’m looking at getting back into competitive gaming
And will be dedicated to playing
I play slayer\support.
Close to mid range.
Decent with a sniper but I prefer br.
I have good call out skills.
Experience with playing on a team in online tournaments.

Please hmu whenever you can