Leveling System?

What is the leveling system in this game? Is it xp based like Reach or Level based like Halo 3?

The Military Rank system in Reach is not a trueskill system. It does not factor who you will be paired up with.

In Halo 4, the Military Rank system will return, with a few tweaks: Winning gives a big exp prize, and will have a bigger overall focus of actually playing the game to earn your exp, instead of standing around and letting the participation and jackpot rewards making 90% of your earnings.

With that said, we do not know what system will be used. However, they are not using Halo 3’s method, and they will not be using Reach’s Arena system for this game. That information will come later.

343i has not said much about this at this point in time.

Although im thinking there will be both one for “SOCIAL xp based” & " Ranked skill based "

That would work best for everyone

Only time will tell …