so i leveled up to rank 65 and i unlocked a hole bunch of stuff. it said ive unlocked the hazop frst which is a gamestop pre-order dlc. pretty much all the pre-order i no longer have. i would like to know whats going on

I have this issue too. My best buy preorder items are gone.

Go to your Xbox dashboard then settings then accounts and then download history. Download the missing items and the will reapear. Happened to me too.

Yep, Same Here, I Loaded My halo 4 and decided to play some BTB Slayer and during the game i didn’t have any problem, My BR ACT and My Venator
Raptor Armour were there. So i finished the game and then i decided to go to the spartan Hub and change my Armour, Then I Saw my Pre-order Emblem missing,My Oceanic Armour and raptor Armour and THE BR ACT missing. I tried everything reboot, Clear The cache and Re Download my stuff but its no use.