Level playing field

In my opinion Halo 4 multiplayer should keep the level playing field as the start to each game.

Reach loadouts were welcomed but please do not go the style of COD or BF series. Reach caters to the new players a bit too much.

COD/BF caters to the hardcore too much.

Keep the Reach loadout ideas or weapons that can change on the fly similar to H3 equipment. Please do NOT go the route of unlockables through progression.

It creates unbalanced gameplay far too much. That’s not Halo and I’ve tried COD and BF plus recently BF3 and I have to say it’s a major turn off to have to play hundreds of hours of co-op or multiplayer just to be on level playing terms.

Player and teamwork skills should determine the victor not progressive unlockables that continually rewards the player to further dominate.