Level Design Theory lessons for Forge

So since this is a growing community I would like to offer this gift to the lot of you. I am a veteran level designer of the forging community. I’ve helped bring Forgehub to its glory from a wordpress blog to a vbulletin forum. I’ve created one of the most popular community gametypes known as Conquest. And I’ve had a map that I helped design thoroughly put into the Maptionsack Playlist (Ravinia). My old GT was AZN FTW.

I own a blog focused around game and level design at http://www.reachingperfection.com. There I write a series of level design theory articles that I have dubbed as Forge Lessons that can be found here: http://www.reachingperfection.com/p/forge-lessons.html. They are level design theory lessons that use Halo as the main example since that is a majority of my reader base. Several of the lesson blog posts have been featured at the popular game design site Gamasutra: http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/RaymondBenefield/3162/. The first one was also just used as a warm up lesson for a game design class at a high school: http://mrcross.org/?p=801. At the time of posting this there are 16 lessons in total and I write one every other day. I hope they help you guys out and if you have any comments, suggestions, or questions please feel free to ask.

Hope this helps this community out. Enjoy you guys and I look forward to sharing Reach’s forge experience with all of you.

Welcome to the Waypoint forums! I do remember you from Forgehub, I think you helped developed the lessons for the forging 101 forum. Anyways I read the 16 sections, and at first I thought the advice would only be helpful for competitive maps, but the advice can help me make some pretty good infection maps (as well as virtually any other map I can think of). Really good tips overall.

I did help a lot with the forging 101 section. My main specialty back then was spawns, but now I have opened up my skill set. And I’m glad you like them. They are written as general level design theory articles with Halo as the main example. They can definitely help with anything you build. Smooth spawning, perspectives, eye catching, incentives, etc. can all help with infection, mini games, and everything else for that matter. I’ve been writing these for the past month since everyone is doing their best to get prepared for Forge 2.0 and want to improve whatever they can to match the competition.

Oh and I was one of the original 6 or so guilders that turned the site from a wordpress blog to a vbulletin forum. I’m like one of the most veteran people of FH lol… I remember when Insane joined the site and I remember when we accepted Shock as a Guilder… lol the good ol’ days.