Level completion not registered


I played through Outskirts on Legendary today and saved and quit at the end after reaching the end of the tunnel. However, I did not get credit for having completed this level in-game nor did I unlock the achievement. I came back a little while later and continued with and finished Metropolis. I know the game saved my progress because I started Metropolis with the weapons I had at the end of Outskirts. Will I receive the completion credit soon?

it’s buggy, just redo it without saving and quitting. look up Naked Eli on youtbe, he has legendary speed run guides.

Does saving and quitting nullify completion for all levels?

Update: The game lists me having completed the level on Legendary. I guess I did not realize it before. However, the achievement has not unlocked. I did a speed run on Easy with the Scarab gun on, but no achievement still.