Just curious if anyone has heard what is going on with the whole deal about not being able to go over level 70. 343 will lose a lot of players if they dont allow us to keep ranking up right away. We shouldnt have to stop at level 70 if we payed 60 dollars for this game. I understand that they are waiting so people who have bought the legendary can get their moneys worth but shouldn’t their moneys worth being able to choose whichever specialization they want right off the bat? I’m just ready to surpass level 70 anyone have any news on when regular buyers like myself can do so?

i find it very stupid. i bought the game! what more do u want!

its only supposed to be a month…but whats the point? with all the double exp and spartan ops i do, im already going to surpass the limited edition’s anyway. Theres no real reason to make anyone wait…and to be honest, that was just for the impatient people who have to feel like they are ahead of everyone. my friend who has limited already is level 112, which he did barely trying, and i dont even judge a player by rank, just kd ratio,so they might as well just release the cap.

I’m level SR78… what the -Yoink- are you talking about?

Just saw an SR 89 the other day (probably 90 something now…)

Also, 112 huh? I’m betting all he did was Spartan Ops matchmaking with Double XP?

I screwed away a lot of my double XP because it was only supposed to be for War Games matchmaking but someone made an oops (I don’t think it was intended to give players 12k (14k if using fast track) a match. It wasn’t wide knowledge that it did work on SOps Matchmaking until most of mine was used. :frowning:

I just think this whole “we’ll send an email to each player who has played the game since launch, to unlock the rest of the specializations” idea is kind of… well dumb. Why would you send an email… just update the game… just like you did to add Team Snipers. Just unlock the rest with a small update. This whole email idea is just weird and makes no sense really. All i know is its really irritating not knowing if the XP will carry over once they are unlocked or if we are wasting our time playing at lvl 70 with no where to go. Makes me go back to Starcraft 2, thank god for my M18XR2.

I agree 100% im not sure if my level 70 playing will even count. whats the point

I’m nowhere close to level 70, but this honestly sounds limited 343i. They bought the game, like everyone else, why should their ability to play be limited, especially when this information wasn’t mentioned before launch.

…What? My friend is a level 88.

If you didn’t purchase the legendary version of the game you can not go past level 70