Level 3 bug

Im playing level 3 on Legendary and I reach gate 9 and it just wont open… The spartans say finish them off and well open the gate but nothing ever happens and Im stuck… I tried restarting the level a few times and still the same thing happens…

Anybody else having this issue?

I haven’t seen this issue, but I am currently on Level 3 and I will let you know what I find.

There could be a hidden enemy somewhere.

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> There could be a hidden enemy somewhere.

Most likely this

You could just take out the security system and blast the door open, it will let you in regardless of the enemy count.

I had a problem similar to this. On the level Evacuation, when you need to clear out all the enemies to move on. I looked around every nook and cranny of that stupid section looking for that one hiding enemy. I ended up being able to hear a solider on the other side of the main gate/door that had closed behind me. So I had to restart the level. Kinda sucked, but oh well. I got real sick of hearing every 10 seconds “Enemy presence detected! System lockdown engaged!” Gah! Shut up lady, I know!!

No hidden enemies anywhere… it`s a fairly small area which I drove around for 10 minutes on multliple playthroughs…

If I go back it gives me a countdown of leaving the area, but nothing spawns anywhere…if there is a hidden enemy I definately can`t find him at all…

5 times a charm… it seems to be letting me go forward now… thanks all who responded

This happened to me. An enemy is stuck somewhere and isn’t pursuing you. You’ll need to go back and kill him.