level 107 looking for a clan/team

Hi my name is stew, and i am 23 years old. I am looking for a smaller clan or team to play with. I am really good at dominion, but i suck at infitiy slayer lol, im really good at bit team, and i am alright at swat “which is the game type i play the most”. Please contact me on xbl my gt is mr crumdumpster. I would prefer the clan/team to be around my age range though. Thank You!

Hello Mr CrumDumpster!

=VX9= is a large community spreading across multiple games and formats. Check us out http://vx9.com

If you register on the website you will become a recruit and have access to some of the forums.

If your interested, register then send me a friend request. Me and my friends usually play on an evening and there is always space for one more!

All the best, Happy Holidays!