Lets try this again. Halo cea wanted changes

I am sorry but This is the 3rd time I posted this and it keeps disappearing.

I am very excited for this game coming out but I believe there are a few things that need to be changed before launch. I am sure there are other people out that would like to put their thoughts out there so please post and hopefully the right people will see it and try to listen to what the true fans want. Here are my few changes I would like to see.

  1. Change John 117 armor. I thought the Mark V armor from Halo Reach was pretty good(except for how far the shoulder pads were poked out) They should just use that render(without the knife) and repaint it to make it look likes John’s. Add his ammo/utility belt. At the beginning of Halo CE his Mark V armor was fairly new to him. Also It would be nice to see a deterioration of his armor(visually only) as the game progresses since the one guy was talking so much stuff at the beginning of Halo 2 about how bad he messed it up when he was fitted for his Mark 6.

  2. In the level The Truth And Reconciliation instead of Marines they should use ODSTs. Reason for that is in the novel The Flood during that part of the book the same scene was was writing out but with ODSTs and they were on the ring.

  3. A Legendary ending. Still have the funny one with Johnson and all but something after the credits. I absolutely hated that there was no Legendary ending for Halo Reach. It would of been ok if the lone wolf level was exclusive to that difficulty. A real Legendary ending would be nice. Maybe something to do with Thel 'Vadamee (Arbiter) or something Haloriffic .

  4. Back on Johnson and Stacker. They should not die in campaign. In every encounter they died in Halo CE. I actually made it a point to keep them alive for my own small sense of accomplishment. lol

  5. Theatre mode for campaign. I know it will be hard with the original engine and all but I would like to record vids.

Please post what you think and anymore suggestions

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You might want to post this in the OFFICIAL HALO FEEDBACK THREAD. 343 has said numerous times they keep a very close eye on that thread. Link

I think they’re still making changes to Master Chief’s armor, so what we saw in the trailer will probably not be in the finished version. As for Johnson and Stacker I always liked how they would die and come back and it would make you be like lolWTF?. I don’t see a problem with ODSTs, but I think just for accuracy’s sake for Halo CE, I don’t think that we should change that.

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